Property it was an achievablethose the reality of it and pushing usall through  didn't seem like enoughand I wanted to get a hundredand then you know the next of theobstacles to get to  properties butmy position at the moment my passiveincome is shy of million dollars inbetween half moon to moon dollarspassive income per year this after allexpenses coming through net worthpositions very strong as so my debt isyou know less than the thirty percentthat the loan ratio for me personally Iwant to have a ten-million-dollarpassive.

Property Valuation Income per year that's the goalof achieving a xanex Cole so you knowwhen that happens I don't know but I'mexpecting by years of hustled awayand having fun along the way to it and I guess the whole idea now is it'sprobably not about the money is it allthe way from money or the week it'sabout choices and doing things to helpother people out and it's that's wherethe fun comes when you can remove moneyfrom any sort of you know decision thenyou'd making a decision based onyourself and based on you know goodthings and you know Property valuers it's important soyeah thanks Nathan certainly that's aninspirational story for anyone out therethat's looking to make money fromproperty no matter what your backgroundit just goes to show that if you've gota dream and you take some action you'vegot a very chart good chance ofachieving that now if you want moredetails about Nathan or any of our otherexperts on these shows then go tobusiness blueprint com ford / expertsand certainly will their details upthere thanks for joining us and we'll beback next week until their numbers growhi my name is Roy I think I'm partnerwith ernst & young in milk I leave thecapital equipment evaluation modelling group here atMelbourne and my roles with the API willhave been involved with the API for along time currently a member of theAustralian valuation Standards Board andin the past I've been a member of theprofessional board of the internationalvaluation standards council Home Evaluation.

Valuation to give you a snapshot of a newtechnical information paper on thevaluation of property plant equipmentand in a business before I do that Ithought you might be interested to knowwhat a what a tip actually is I'm suremany of you and not not heard that termbefore really there's nothing more thanthan what we used to know as guidancenotes sometime ago the I BSC decided wasgoing to reorganize its suite ofdocuments and in that process it decidedto reorganize them asset standards andtechnical information papers or tips andthe OPI is simply decided to follow thatformat so a tip is really just what weused a nice guidance note so tip covers the valuation of property plantequipment of business so what'sdifferent about property plant equipmentand business from other types ofvaluation well probably find equipmentin the business is often specialized itsability to generate cash for thebusiness is this real reason for beingan autumn those assets have minimalvalue when you remove them from their by property.