It has also projected Singapore’s long-term growth over the next ten years to be in the region of 4% to 5.9%.military engagement with Iraq will no doubt constrain the extent of economic rebound in most countries including Singapore. This is further reinforced by the threat of terrorist attacks in the homeland recently exposed to the public.

As a result, the outcome of the office property market in the first half of 2002 may still be lacklustre. While there are market indications that suggest that the existing recession may be bottoming out, the office property market remains only cautiously optimistic in view of further potential job cuts in the immediate and near future.

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This is evident in massive job cuts recently in the local and foreign banking industry (e.g. UOB-OUB and OCBC-KeppelTatLee) as a result of consolidation resulting from mergers or restructuring. Capital values are also expected to decline further in line with the decrease in rentals and the increase in yields. Capital values are also expected to decline further in line with the decrease in rentals and the increase in yields.

This is also reinforced by the acute need to improve yields if plans to launch an office property trust in Singapore are to materialize.Net take-up was a negative 19,000 sm (approx. 205,000 sf) in 4Q 2001, down slightly from the negative 21,000 sm (226,000 sf) recorded in 3Q 2001. As a result, the occupancy of retail shops islandwide slid half a percentage point to around 92% in 4Q 2001. In the Orchard Road area, occupancy dropped to 95.9% in 4Q from 96.7% recorded in the previous quarter. To date, two of the sites have been launched for sale by tender.

These include a ‘white’ site at Marina Boulevard (reserve list) and the current Waterboat House site at Fullerton Road/Esplanade Drive.

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The tender for the Waterboat House site was closed on 2 April 2002 and attracted three bids ranging from $71 psf to $383 psf per plot ratio.

The revamp of United Square at Thomson Road is scheduled for completion in June 2002. here will be a total lettable space of some 220,000 sf after the revamp. However, about 85% of this space have reportedly been committed.

The retail concept will focus primarily on children, with trades including childcare, education and entertainment. MRT interchange (LTA Exchange) later this year, Plaza Singapura will also undertake revamp works to further position itself as a one-stop shopping mall with strong emphasis on fashion and lifestyle, entertainment as well as food and beverage.

The revamped concept will be modeled after Japan’s renowned Shinjuku and Harajuku shopping districts and will target mainly the young and hip generation of shoppers. While Takashimaya recorded a 3.1% growth in turnover, sales at Seiyu and Daimaru declined by 0.6% and 2.5% respectively. Sales in 2002 are projected to remain flat for Seiyu and Daimaru, while Takashimaya is expecting a 2% increase in sales.

Meanwhile, Seiyu will be closing down its 55,000 sf outlet at Parkway Parade in April 2002 but will be looking for alternative locations.

Rental values fell in general across Singapore during 4Q 2001. In the central area (including the Orchard Road and Marina Centre/ City Hall areas), rentals of private retail space dropped 6.3% against the previous quarter.

For 1Q 2002, our indications showed that rentals of prime space in the various sub-markets remained resilient despite an overall decline in rentals in general.” House valuation estimate is gainful for both individuals the individuals who are speculations to offer their home or whether who is not thinking to offer their home.

In another case, a mentally retarded man was allowed to wander freely through the seven-Valuation increases house price. Story nursing home in his wheelchair. Inspectors found him lying in the St. John’s parking lot, where he had fallen from his wheelchair and into the path of traffic.

Effective monthly rents for prime ground floor space in Orchard Road currently averages around $44 psf and $38 psf in the Marina Centre/City Hall/Bugis areas. Retail shop prices for the whole of Singapore fell by 4.4% in 4Q 2001 against the previous quarter according to URA figures.

This is the third consecutive quarterly decline for the year 2001 and is only marginally less than the 4.9% decline recorded in Q3. For 1Q 2002, our indications showed that capital values have fallen by some 7% to 10% amidst overall declining rentals while yields improve. Capital values for prime ground floor shop space in Orchard Road and the Marina Centre/City Hall/ Bugis areas averaged at around $4,250 psf and $2,850 psf respectively.

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The higher-evaluated choice is dialing 00, for clients of Sprint, At&t or a little transporter that purchases the administration from At&t; or 10-10-9000 in case you’re a Worldcom client.

The Retail Sales Index (at current prices and excluding motor vehicle sales) for January and February 2002 fell by 12% and 16.4% against the respective preceding month (according to figures from the Singapore Department of Statistics).

The negligible growth in February 2002 was attributed mainly to a healthy rebound of 9.5% in restaurant sales. For the next 6 months, we would expect retail shop rentals to follow a two-tiered behaviour. Capital values are also expected to ease further as rentals decline despite the holding up of rentals in specific areas.

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The stock of factory (both single and multi-user) and warehousing space, as at Q4 2001, stood at 31.7 m sm and 5.3 million sm respectively. Of this, 10.7% and 12.2% respectively, is vacant.

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