In 1984, while still recovering from testicular cancer, he decided to switch directions, and went off to set up and run the North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations. He spent four years to 1988 in that task, ultimately leaving behind some 15 voluntary agencies which he believes are still running. Having established a sustainable network, he moved back as a principal officer holding joint planning responsibilities with other agencies.

From 1994-96, after heavy involvement in the process of reorganisation in North Yorkshire, he applied for, and got, the post of director in Gloucestershire. His wife had, by then, been appointed to Leicester University, and the impetus to live closer proved overwhelming. The county was a very positive authority with well-informed members, three of whom were active in the LGA and were exceptionally well-connected and very supportive. which the county won, was the extent to which resources could be taken into account when determining levels of service, and for Andrew. Click here to view the source of the post : Perth Property Valuers

one of the things I should most like to concentrate in my presidential years is whether we can leave the Poor Law, and its consequences, behind. Three years ago, after eight long years of long-distance commuting, he decided to apply for the Leicester directorship. It’s been an incredibly challenging authority to work for, and it has stretched me. A sad and tragic end to his stay in the county was the murder of his former chair.

So far as A DSS is concerned, he came in as a new director expecting to be active, and was. always repaid the investment I’ve been able to put in, in terms of learning to see round corners and benefiting your department via your connection with national issues. He has also been keenly involved in induction, organising the annual seminar for new directors. As for the future of social care, he is still ruefully aware of saying, when elected junior vice president two years ago, that he might be the director who puts out the light on social services departments. He only slightly regrets saying it, and insists that he won’t be turning out the light on social care or social services.

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